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I'm a passionate, experienced newborn & baby photographer based in Raleigh, NC.

- Bianca


608 Gaston St
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United States

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With your little one still under two weeks old, why not take the time to preserve these precious moments? I’ll create a soothing atmosphere with heat, noise, and swaddling cloths, making sure your baby is comfortable and secure. Once asleep, we’ll get fantastic shots of your baby’s sweet and peaceful face, and we’ll be able to get some incredible prop shots too. If your baby is more alert, we’ll take the opportunity for amazing images of that emerging personality, and we’ll get all the perfect details of your baby’s tiny fingers and toes. After your baby’s individual portrait session, I’ll bring in mom and dad for priceless images of your happy new family. You’ll all be glowing with joy and excitement; it’ll be so easy for me to capture your natural beauty and genuine emotions.

Professional Newborn Photographer | Bianca Palmer Photographer | Raleigh

I’m a professional photographer based in Raleigh, North Carolina, and I specialize in exquisite newborn photography. With a decade of experience behind me and kids of my own, I know how important these photographs are. I’m here to make sure you have a wonderful experience and that you come away with beautiful memories frozen in time.

Your newborn is already growing so fast. These days are going to fly by; months and years from now, you’ll be so glad you decided to capture these fleeting moments on film. I promise high quality portraits that highlight your baby’s beauty and the love you already feel for your tiny miracle.

Newborn Photography | Raleigh Newborn Photography | Infant Portraits

It’s hard to believe when you’re looking at your tiny newborn, but your baby is going to be walking and talking before you know it! If you choose to have professional newborn portraits taken, I’ll bring you in while your baby is still less than fourteen days old. We’ll capture your baby’s amazing newness. The world is so full of wonder already, and your baby is mesmerized by it. I’ll make sure your baby is comfortable and secure in order to produce stunning portraits. These moments deserve to be preserved in artistic photographs that you’ll always have to cherish. There are so many tiny details you never want to forget; let’s make sure you remember them all for years to come.