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I'm a passionate, experienced newborn & baby photographer based in Raleigh, NC.

- Bianca


608 Gaston St
Raleigh, NC  27603
United States

(919) 838-6598

A Moment Like This | Newborn Photography | My Philosophy

At A Moment Like This Photography, it’s our philosophy that real expressions and intimate moments tell more powerful stories than any poses possibly could. Come in for a portrait session with your newborn and I’ll capture you interacting as a family, highlighting your love and growing bond.

It’s the little details that really add up. I have the experience and ability to capture the moment that says it all. I know that these are the pictures you’ll want to revisit at all your baby’s future milestones, and I want to make sure they are as special and gorgeous as possible. You can trust me to deliver exceptional photographs that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Baby & Newborn Photography | Raleigh Baby Photographer | Raleigh Newborn

I’m a passionate and professional photographer who specializes in newborn and baby photography. I have the expertise and the patience required to produce gorgeous and natural photos of your baby at any age. I’m here to help you tell your baby’s story, from a newborn portrait session to the first birthday and beyond. Your baby is changing so much, learning new things, developing expressions and a unique personality. Take the time to capture these fleeting moments in a professional setting. I’ll make sure you and your baby are comfortable and having fun throughout the process, and you’ll come away with one-of-a-kind photographs to hold onto, memories frozen in time.

Raleigh Newborn Photography | Raleigh Baby Photography | Bianca Palmer

With a new baby in the house, your family is in the middle of a precious and fleeting moment worth documenting. Your little one is going to be big before you know it. Why not take the opportunity to capture every tiny detail of your baby at this age?

Bring the whole family in for pictures that showcase your joy. Your world is forever changed and you’re all fresh with excitement, in awe of your special addition. Mom, dad, and siblings are welcome to participate in a professional portrait session at A Moment Like This Photography.

Whether you want these pictures for a birth announcement, baby book, or just because, I promise to exceed your expectations with beautiful portraits you’ll want to share with the world. Don’t let these moments pass by undocumented.